Monday, September 24, 2012

Almost an Artist by Karrlin Bain

Lovely image here thanks to

Facebook is fun! ~ Poemify Me by Karrlin Bain

Almost an Artist
by Karrlin Bain

Art is calling for my friendship

I hope she's not just teasing me
I would like to meet her know her 
See what together we could be
As I prepare for her arrival
My heart sings with

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Flying Lessons ~ Poemified by Karrlin Bain

Flying Lessons
Poemified September 2012

I am feeling so blessed to be taking this course:

BWS tips button
There are so many FANTASTIC people in this
course and this poem is about our excellent 
experience together:

Flying Lessons

Business Questions

Blogs and Facebook
Flying Lessons
Friendships Soar

 Now there's Sticky Posts

 And Hearts too
lonely wandering
Is No More

Music Melding
In the Background
Colors Coat
The Blogosphere

Writing Pictures

Painting Friendships
We are Blessed
To BELONG here

Insecurities Best RUN

We Banish them away as ONE
Art's Love and Listening Abound
We flyers are the Best Around

We are by no means

Near the end
Our Creative Tale
Is Always Spinning

As our Road

Towards Beauty Bends
Each Day's Promise
Hopes Beginning

Flying Lesson Poem Written at BEGINNING of Flying Lessons:

Monday, September 17, 2012
 ~Flying Lessons Class of 2012~

 Welcome to Flying Lessons
 Take off we’ve braved
 For days now our runways
 With HOPE we have paved
Now lives, sites, and talents
Let’s Trade, Save, and Fave

We’ve so much in store
Our flight plan just right
Together let's soar
Our dreams taking flight

Facebook is fun! ~ Poemify Me by Karrlin Bain

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Home of Future Art Endeavor ~ by Karrlin Bain

Home of future art endeavor
by Karrlin Bain
September 23, 2012
Home of Future Art Endeavor
Once I'd have said
To art...
Oh ~ Never...
In a million years
Would i....
(flash forward a million years)

But now

Why not try?
Why don't i
~ Learn to fly ~
Take a chance
Enjoy life

Facebook is fun! ~ Poemify Me by Karrlin Bain

Creative Clutterbug Cleaning Tip #1 Revival Post by Karrlin Bain ~ Cleanify Me

~ Cleaning Tips for the Clutterbug ~
How to be extremely creative, slightly distracted, somewhat
 inattentive and still keep an amazingly CLEAN home...

(...and yes, some of you are right to be laughing 
~I am pretty sure it is those of you that know me...)

TIP #1.  Shut off computer. Get up. Go clean.
Honestly I don't really care for this cleaning tip myself.  I often try to do this only to end up in failure.  My VOW to you (in real time) is to try this RIGHT NOW.  I will end this paragraph with the actual Earth time... and when I come back to computer to do anything that is not Netflix, I will start RIGHT HERE again by giving you the Actual Earth return time.  I SHOULD set a time-goal... but I feel that is a bit lofty for this first adventure.... Okay.... 

GO TIME:  4:30 p.m.
(*Do not try this at home.  I am a trained professional.)
FAIL TIME: 5:30 p.m.

Okay I lasted 1 hour.  Somewhere along the way I remembered my son is with others and I should have my phone.  Then after looking in the house and van I remembered it was next door.  THEN when it was in my hand I realized that I had fb, texting and all my emails on there... which is the same as being on my computer... and I checked all new updates.  Factor that in and I lasted maybe one half hour.  Only success: I cleaned one of the bathrooms... the really important parts.  

Proclamation:  Hello, My name is Karrlin.  
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oh No You Didn't....

No I did not accidentally delete
 my entire Cleanify Me Blog Page!
October 19, 2012
by Karrlin Bain

I didn't delete my Cleanify page
Oh no that just would not do...
While learning this cool tab~page thing
Because that would make me SO BLUE...
If Google gives it back to me though
My DREAMS would then come true
But if you think I deleted it
Then, well maybe that happened too...
...Who knew?
(oh poo!)


(update: they said there is no way on EARTH they could do that!)

Facebook is fun! ~ Poemify Me by Karrlin Bain

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Katherine Quinn ~ by Karrlin Bain

I just discovered the lovely art of Katherine Quinn.
 Her Sleep and her Sisters artwork is now some
 of my absolute favorite art! After reading
her  wonderful site/blog found here:
I was so inspired by all that she had shared
 combined with her breathtaking "Sisters"
 that I enjoyed surprising her with this
 response to all that she had blogged:

Happy Birthday
Katherine Quinn

                     Karrlin Bain ~via Facebook:

                      September 6 at 11:42pm 

Guess what Dear Miss Misbehaving
You must right now quit that waiting
For you ARE on your magic quest
Through your art the world saving

Thursday, September 13, 2012


An Eighth Grade Graduation Poem
by Karrlin Bain ~ May 2011

She has a sweet heart and is one too
She is just good through and through
If I had not met Kassandra
I don’t know what I’d do
I’m friends with her family
And her past student teacher too

Saturday, September 8, 2012

My life in books ~ by Karrlin Bain

My life in books

What is the point?  Read "My life in books" only if you want to...
* Learn some reasons (there are so many) why reading is important
* Learn some AMAZING titles of books for (m)any ages to enjoy
* Learn more about one person's (that's me) experience with books

My life in books

Books have always been my favorite things, ever since Mrs. Tutt taught me to read when I was a very little girl. I grew up in Wausau, Wisconsin, in a little green house on Stark Street. When I was three I walked down the street by myself and told Mr. Tutt in his driveway “mungry”, which translated meant “I’m hungry”. With that I earned some chocolate cake and also the best friends I would ever meet. I know that angels guided me to this man and his wife who was inside the house, because they became my own personal angels, taking care of me, loving me and best of all teaching me to read!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

An Ode to Mrs. Martin ~ by Karrlin Bain

I am so happy that I was able to student teach in Mrs. Martin's classroom!!! When I left there I wrote this poem for her. This little poem doesn't begin to summarize what a great teacher she is! There are so many great teachers I have learned from over the years.

I don't know who said it but there is that AWESOME and true quote: "If you are reading this, thank a teacher!"

An Ode to Mrs. Martin
My Cooperating Teacher

By Karrlin Bain ~ June 2009

I have a role model
She is real, kind, and fun
When presented with teachers
I knew she was the one

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lunchroom / Playground Supervisor Job Description ~ by Karrlin Bain

Here is a poem about one of the most fun work experiences/positions I have had!  True events!  : )

Elementary School ~
 Lunchroom Playground Supervisor Job Description
by Karrlin Bain ~ February 2009

To Be a Supervisor is
An Honorable Post
A Calling Requiring
More Grit than Most

My Dishes So Mismatched ~ by Karrlin Bain

When asked to help out with a church dinner by setting a table so more people could join us I began to get rather nervous! I thought... well maybe I can explain!!! Here is my story and I am sticking to it!!....

My Dishes So Mismatched
                               by Karrlin Bain

                               December 7, 2010

Welcome friends to this my table
Thanks for believing I am able
To set a proper place.

Enjoy my dishes so mismatched
If I were home I’d whip up a batch
Of my famous Mac & Cheese ~ it’s Kraft!

See my mixed in snowman plates?
Used all year long ~ Such is their fates
They seem to rather like it!

They were a gift from friends so dear
And when I see the plates I hear
Their kindly words from o'er the years
They make me feel so loved.

The flowered plates were from my friend
Our friendship the kind to never end
My best friend since sixth grade!

She gave me those plates for the best reason
Christmas giving was the season
Okay… she got them because I made her!

The lovely peach plates with blue stripes
Are from a fancy store
I got them clearance and saved them for
A special meal for two.
Would you believe they’ve sat and sat
And waited just for you?

Please note the hammered silverware
The few pieces I have are scattered here and there
They were my grandma’s set.
The set is random and mostly gone
But they are so sturdy and remind me of
My grandma’s gifts and love.

The gifts she gave were gifts of time
Of teaching and of love
She’d show me her plants
And teach me to sew
We stood back to back
And she watched me grow
Taller than her ~ in the mirror.

When I fell asleep on her sunshine couch
She’d cover me while I slept
With a handmade afghan ~ where is it now?
It's the memories that I’ve kept.

She could sew an entire dress
My skills end at a button
She could create a four course meal
I press the microwave button.

I know she did not really care
That my homemaking skills were poor
What matters most is that I know
She couldn’t have loved me more.

The sage floral green plates
Were from my husband
They represent our partnership
Because he checked with me
To see if I liked them
And we decided together
To buy them
In past days we’d not seen eye to eye
On dishes ~ nor on life
But this simple compromise on plates to me
Represents a larger scale end of strife

So now you see my Mismatched Set
Is filled with joy and life
With laughter, friendship, tears and pain
With the love and dreams of a wife

This Mismatched Set is no mistake
And remember when this is over
Just like my favorite pastime books
No plate can be judged by its cover
Listen to the owner’s tales
And their stories may be uncovered

Don’t worry if you are like me
And can barely set a table
Our gifts are all diverse and grand
And in so many ways
We each are able

Just love yourself and each other too
No matter what each is made of

Facebook is fun! ~ Poemify Me by Karrlin Bain
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